Website audit package

Website Audit Packages

Our audit package reviews the 6 key elements of a website as follows :

Design   Navigation   Usability   Content   Code   Functionality

1 - Audit Of Website Design

Is your site attractive and welcoming? Does it follow your brand strategy and is the look and feel consistent across different browsers and platforms ?

Our website auditing will even go deeper in its investigation by looking at ways to optimize your site in terms of graphics and flash and to identify if savings can be made with regards to bandwidth costs and load time.

2 - Audit Of Website Navigation

The navigation structure of a website is a key element for both human and search engine visitors. Can visitors get from the homepage to any other page within a decent number of clicks (ideally 3)? Can they get from one sub-page to any other sub-page in an equal number of clicks? Are the navigation headings intuitive and have breadcrumbs been defined to help guide visitors? All these questions and more will be answered in our audit report.

3 - Audit Of Website Usability

This part of our report concerns elements like load time and format of key features offered within your website. It also reviews the completion time of newsletter sign ups and other online forms. If you include downloadable files in formats such as pdf or streamed content, do you include links to file readers or media players? Finally, how does the site behave when visited by consequent numbers of users simultaneously? Our web site usability test will work through all these areas and provide a detailed report for you to take the necessary corrective actions.

4 - Audit Of Website Content

We will review the site content not only in its format (grammar or spelling mistakes), but also for more essential aspects, such as relevance, usefulness and accuracy of the content. Our website audit report will also help to highlight whether the style of content is in conflict with your target audience.

5 - Audit Of Website Code

This part of our website audit analyses the code behind the site. For instance, no code errors are reported but the code is not sufficiently optimised to run efficiently, especially when accessed by many users simultaneously.

6 - Audit Of Website Functionality

Your site may include a number of online forms, various links and other dynamic content. There is nothing more annoying for visitors than to receive errors when browsing through your site. Our audit will test every functional element of your site to ensure it works as required.