Generational Marketing

Generational Marketing

Generational marketing defenders believe that the generation in which people are born significantly influences who they are, what they believe, what their values are, life skills, and ultimately how they behave online.

Each generation has its own set of values, perspectives, expectations and communication styles. Connecting from your own viewpoint when your target audience is from a different generation can be a big mistake. You might lose your target's attention.

The Generation Gap

You have seen communication technology change rapidly in the last five to ten years—from the internet as a primary source of information to the rapid growth of social media to the now ever-present mobile media on smart phones and devices like the iPad.

You have heard stories of seniors challenged with technology, or baby boomers adopting Facebook to keep in touch with family. And you know those “Gen Y people” are technology addicts.

Of course each generation has a particular attitude. Some people call it the "Generation Gap". Those differences create specific expectations that will affect your brand—from design style to messaging.

Get the right message to the right audience

Attractive layouts with lots of entry points for easily-bored Gen Ys, or larger type and more contrast for Baby Boomers, those are the kind of considerations Medical Safari will identify with you in order to deliver your messages and efficiently reach your target audience.